Internet security


The internet can be a hostile place constantly testing computer, IT, and server systems. Hackers are constantly threatening home computers, and small to large company IT systems and servers. These hackers are intent on infiltrating your system and stealing or destroying precious data and using this data and your systems as a platform for attacking others, including your friends and clients.

Online and computer security should be the priority for anybody that wants to use the internet safely.


If a website says you have a virus or asks you to download software to remove a virus it is called ‘scareware’ and is most likely going to infect you with the very thing it is warning you against.


You probably already have virus software. Do you? If you are unsure of your internet safety status please call Holland Park Computers to arrange a home or office visit.


Your firewall is your first line of defence against malicious Internet threats. A firewall can be software or a hardware device that monitors and defends your computers, IT, and servers from potential hackers. Firewalls allow or deny computer, server, and network actions and transmissions helping to protect you from unauthorized access and activities while permitting legitimate communications and actions.

A firewall is a crucial part of computer, IT, and server security defences. Firewalls create a ‘border crossing’ between your computers and internal network and the Internet.

Holland Park Computers can set up and maintain your firewall. Please call Holland Park Computers to arrange a home or office visit.


Holland Park Computers will ensure your firewall is configured properly with thorough ‘Intrusion Tests’. Holland Park Computers security testing service examines your network with comprehensive vulnerability tests. We will provide you with a detailed report on weaknesses along with suggested solutions.

Holland Park Computers recommends regular vulnerability assessments that help ensure new security weaknesses are dealt with as soon as possible to minimise potential exploits.


Every time you go online you are likely to be exposed to viruses and malware. All computers connected to your network must have AntiVirus systems installed. Holland Park Computers can recommend trusted anti-virus software suited to your home or office needs.

Malware and virus software must be kept up to date to remain effective. Holland Park Computers can ensure your computers, IT, and servers are protected.