Broadband installation services


Holland Park Computers provides broadband installation services for home and office.

Broadband installation services can be provided as a fixed service with certain exclusions or, we can provide a fixed quotation for work that may include supplying additional equipment according to your needs.


Our standard broadband installation service comes as a fixed package and includes:

A visit to your home or small office environment.
You supply the credentials for your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
We configure the broadband router internet connection with ethernet.
We set up the internal network for one PC to connect to the internet.
We setup network verification and device passwords.
We provide documentation of the network and security settings so you can add additional devices at a later date.

The following exclusions apply to our standard broadband installation service:

Supplying of additional hardware.
Configuring wireless networking.
Resolving existing hardware and software issues.
Large business or Commercial installations.
Ongoing support.


We can setup broadband for the whole household or small business to share.
We can configure multiple computers and devices with Wi-Fi / wireless networking.
Additional hardware and software can be supplied according to your brief and agreed budget.

If you are having issues with your broadband connection or want to switch provider then please get in touch with Holland Park Computers.